Joining (not) the resistance in the time of pandemic

Hello folks! 

We didn't update this game for a while since... Well, virus came in so we didn't want to advertise a game yo have to play close to someone else, holding the card together...can you? 

As far as time passed by and scientists came up with security measure (droplet distance, sanitizing hand tools and tutorials, etc.) we didn't come up with a way you actually can play Join the Resistance! safely.

So instead of printing it out and sharing it, please play safe and just share the digital copy.

While we wait for the world to be a better place, we printed the physical copies a year ago (see previous post), but we kept them for ourselves and didn't share them with anyone, neither made a way you can buy them by your own (like DriveThruCards or similar).

I hope you understand and still share and talk about this little, business card, roleplaying game.

Be safe!

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